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Your Shirt, has a mind of it's own?

You appreciate style. You're familiar with the unwritten code of fashion. You tend to make an impression, both privately and professionally.

You're a woman. You're in a conference room doing a presentation. Your pen falls down. You bend down to pick it up and your shirt slips out of your pants. And with it, your perfect presentation falls apart. Funny for your colleagues. But unfortunately only to them.

You're a man. You're in the supermarket. You're flirting with a cute brunette women. You reach for the top shelf. Your shirt slips out of your pants and you slip out of her relevant set. Your fat tummy brings you distress.

With a bodysuit that wouldn't have happened, as well as not with the BODYMAKER!

Every woman knows that with a Body-Blouse that problem would not have occurred But at the same time every woman knows that even the most beautiful blouse happens to be, just a blouse and not a Body-Blouse.

Men doesn't know anything about it - but believe me, they would be so happy if the problem would be solved.

Finally: the unwanted behaviour of Blouse and Shirt is over.... For Real.