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ZAMANI – Entrepeneur Bio

Bahram Zamani, born in March 1963 and since 2007 CEO of ZAMANI GMBH & CO. KG has been an active entrepreneur in the sophisticated menswear sector, since 1988. Today his company has more than 10 employees in North Rhine Westfalen / Germany.

His scolarship was focused to IT network technology. But due to his love for fashion and design, he started as an active entepreneur in the fashion business in 1988.

In the nineties parallel to his retail buisness, Bahram Zamani developed marketing and communication concepts.

Such as:

Relaunch of the Coca Cola Light branding in cooperation with the Carlson Marketing Group (1995).

Conceptual design of promotional campaigns, for the campaign of the brand Trussardi Cosmetics (1996) and many other brands in cooperation with the agency CONTEAM Communication Cologne GmbH.

ZAMANI – Basic data to the Group

ZAMANI represents a portfolio of globally renowned brands - including DSquared, Etro, Gaultier, Scabal, Moschino or Baldesarini.

– Patent Application Bodymaker


2010 – Registration of the brand ZAMANI


2007 – Opening of the Concept Stores Fashion & More in Siegburgs premium location. Women's Fashion, Men's Fashion, Wedding Fashion, customized clothing, lifestyle and trends.

In a retail space with three floors and 27 meters of shop windows, we are presenting

2003 – takeover of the majority shares of the house APROPOS in Gummersbach. Women's and men's clothing, customized clothing and lifestyle products.

1998 Opening the first Store in Siegburg.

1988 Founding of the Store Zamani 1988 in Troisdorf. Exclusive menswear with focus on customized clothing.